Forgiving Jackson Browne

E @ Jackson Browne Concert

When hubby told me he bought tickets to see Jackson Browne months ago…my response was, “why?” Don’t get me wrong, I love his work. But we saw him last time he was in town when he was touring with Tom Petty and he was a perfect turd. Barely addressed the crowd, played song after song in furious succession as though he had somewhere to be. Played only songs from his latest release ignoring his entire catalog of remarkable hits save one, Running On Empty.  Truly, he seemed pissed off. Granted it was summer time in Sacramento and that’s enough to make me fussy from time-to-time but man, you’re JACKSON BROWNE!  Snap outta the funk, can’t be all THAT bad.

So happy to share that his recent acoustic performance made me forgive him for his past indiscretions.  He was so pleasant and gracious.  He engaged the audience frequently in conversation and played as many requests as were audible.  He’s a personable guy. He told several stories about lost loves, friendships, and song inspiration that were so endearing. Felt like a night spent with an old friend. And Olive is an immediate fan.  She danced and swished around the whole time!



4 replies to “Forgiving Jackson Browne

  1. I am so happy Olive is already a music fan, along with her mommy and daddy (and Aunt Sandy. Glad you and E had fun. Music is good for the soul, and isn’t it great you now have a better opinion of Jackson Brown. Who knows what he was going through the first time you saw him. Keep singing, dancing and having fun! 🙂


  2. Marin: Glad I’m not off base and your mom had the same experience.
    Aunt Sandy: You’re right, on my bad days at work I usually don’t have a stadium size audience to critique my unraveling. For that I am thankful.


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