Past Tense


I’m dumbfounded. Shouldn’t be given my understanding of her lifestyle. But somehow it’s still stunning that she’s gone. The news is very recent and yet Wikipedia is already referring to her in the past tense. I can’t believe we won’t ever hear that striking soulful voice belting out songs of longing and heartache again. Here’s a post I wrote awhile back in defense of Ms. Amy Winehouse (Sept 14, 1983-July 23, 2011):

A couple years back amid all the Grammy buzz, got to talking around the office with a colleague who insisted emphatically that Amy Winehouse should not earn such recognition because she is a “poor example of a good human being.” I paused for a moment and said to myself, “self…go easy on her.” Before saying calmly, “it’s the Grammys not the Girl Scouts.” Not that I condone self-destructive behavior as a coping strategy, but seriously, if we wipe the musical landscape clean of all those who regularly indulge in illicit drug use who would be left? Talentless disney radio types droning on about rainbows and cotton candy, making us all long to be illicit drug using zombies if only to escape the noise. So I for one would like to thank you, Amy and all your imperfections. Thanks for making me want to sing along instead of dropping out.

Please understand that I mean no disrespect in reposting this. I realize that the cause of death has yet to be determined and it is not my intention to make light of addiction. This is just my (lousy) attempt at processing this tragic loss and what it means to me. So long Ms. Winehouse…so very sad to see you go.


One reply to “Past Tense

  1. I’m a huge fan of Amy Winehouse. I’m not surprised all the news media was focused on the demons she battled with—we all have our own cross to bear. This was an awesome piece. My favorites are Valerie, Rehab and Tears Dry on their own.


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