Are The Depends Down This Aisle?


I’ve been thinking lately about the changes that have come about since your arrival. A few that stand out include:

1) The ability to wet my pants with a single sneeze (cold season is sure to be a blast this year!).

2) Instead of make up I sport spit up daily which goes with everything and is much easier to apply.

3) I’ve had to fork over a small fortune to replace ill fitted work clothing with roomier, stretchy apparel to accomodate a chunkier version of myself.

However, in addition to my hips spreading to ghastly proportions, so has my heart to a degree I did not imagine possible. So I would just like to say thank you little Olive for choosing me to be your mommy. I would endure a lifetime of peed pants, spit up, and mom jeans if it means having you around. You’re lovely!

Much Love,



2 replies to “Are The Depends Down This Aisle?

  1. I remember getting so tired of changing my shirt from being spit up on, that I just wore it dirty. Spit up was my new accessory!

    It’s funny how in the thick of parenting a newborn you feel like this is the new norm, then “poof” – things change again!

    Eventually, you will sneeze and not pee, your new stretchy clothes will be way too baggy, and you will sudden realize you haven’t had to scrub spit up out of anything in a long while.

    Cute post. Olive is going to love reading this stuff one day!


    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I’m going to try to remind myself that it’s temporary next time she spits up in my hair and I just pull it back in a pony because who has time for a shampoo and rinse? Hygiene…what’s that again?


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