Welcoming the Fae

fairy window


Just want to share a new project with you. This is our orange tree in the backyard. Found this sweet little door on Etsy from a shop called Woodbling.

Glow GlobeCan you see the mini glow globe to the left of the door? It’s solar. Soaks in the sun’s rays during the day and glows for a bit in the dark.

Koi PondHere’s the koi pond. Wish I had a better shot. It has three mini [plastic] koi super glued to the bottom of the pond so that tiny fingers aren’t tempted to attempt a sushi snack.

BonsaiA flowering bonsai and a pine tree to the right of the door.Summer GirlAnd you, my mini master gardener who has supervised and helped design it all. You love scooping out fresh soil for me and selecting plants for your fairy friends. But you often wonder out loud where those fairies can be. Their bikes are here, their wagon and benches; but they’re never around to play with. I’ve explained that they need their sleep during the day so that they will have the energy to grant our wishes at night.

We’ve enjoyed gathering all the mini plantings for this little project. The nursery we frequent carries Point Reyes Compost. Their catch phrase is the best, “don’t let anyone else give you crap!”  Love it! Words to live by little girl.

Love you!






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