Month: December 2013


Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner! “Good luck!” snickered the quick stop attendant before bagging my package of mini powdered doughnuts ¬†and ibuprofen. I grab my styrofoam cup of black coffee and head out the door into the cold December air taking in the smell of the alfalfa fields and the cow manure; the scent of […]


The Loneliest Number

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Once upon a time there was a lonely palm tree who didn’t understand why she looked like the other palm trees, sorta, but didn’t feel like the other palm trees (so she thought). One day she decided to muster the courage to strike up a conversation with the rest of the […]


Sweet Savory Bites

Oliva, You love visiting your grandparents. You delight in the simplest of pleasures reminding everyone to savor the small moments. Here’s what an ordinary visit usually consists of: Sweet Savory Bites: 1 cup bubbles with wand 1 batch of tortillas made by hand 2 art projects paints and crayons 1/2 mile hand-in-hand stroll 2 cups […]