Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning


Participating in another inspiring photo challenge posed by the friendly folks at The Daily Post. This one is called, “beginning.” Photo credit goes to the mister.

Dear Oliva,

This morning at 6am I was sipping my coffee while taking in the sunrise and watching you happily gobble up a crispy waffle bathed in warm gooey syrup. I commented on the beautiful beginning to the day, “look at those great pink and orange hues on the skyline.” You replied with “Mama, I not feeling so good. I need a go to sunrise to help me feel better.”

1) That’s not careless editing, you’re only 2 so you’re just beginning to learn how to string together your whimsical thoughts.

2) Sure you may have been referencing the indulgent breakfast you were plowing through when you said you weren’t feeling so good. But I think maybe that was just your way of expressing your shared interest in what we were seeing. As in, “I need to get a closer look at what’s going on in the distance, that celebration in the sky can’t continue without me!” or maybe even an acknowledgement of that magical sense people sometimes get at the start of a new day, as in “The sunrise makes me feel better, a new beginning, a clean slate. Let’s get to it!”

I love seeing and perhaps even just imagining what the world looks like through your eyes little one.

I love you,



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