Daily Prompt: Happiness


Today’s Daily Prompt is to illustrate what happiness looks like. Here’s my entry. On holiday near the ocean the mister bought our daughter a grilled cheese. She looked at him and said “daddy I love you so much!” and gave him a kiss.


In short: grilled cheese+the love between a father and a daughter=happiness


10 replies to “Daily Prompt: Happiness

    1. Thanks so much! I just got lucky capturing this moment with the birds overhead. It’s the first picture that came to mind when I was thinking about how to represent happiness. Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. When my daughter was 3 she fell in love with grilled cheese at Sonic. She insisted that I pull the pieces of bread apart so she could eat it “open face”. What a pill! 🙂 Seeing your little one in the photo above reminded me of my daughter. Even looks a little like her.


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