Dear Oliva,

One of your first trips to the playground was around 14 months old. I can’t believe you are almost 3 now. It feels as though I was just taking this picture of you a moment ago. Being near all that playground equipment for the first time in years brought back so many childhood memories. The smell of the wood chips, sandbox sand in my shoes, that dirty metallic smell that gets transferred to your hands after gripping the chain on the swing set.

Recently, just before drifting off to sleep a childhood flashback vividly came to me. I wrote it out for you here. I hope when you tumble you don’t fall too hard.

I love you little flower,



Uneven bars

Small hands, white knuckle grip

Full body weight

Feet dangling

Face straining pink, red, purple



Dirty hands release



4 replies to “Chin-Up

  1. What a tribute you are leaving your beautiful little girl by capturing these moments! You are a memory maker Mama.
    I have a friend that has created an email address for her little girl. She and her husband write in it and post photos. When their daughter is old enough to have an email address they plan to give it to her filled with all their messages and photos. Kind of like her own electronic scrapbook!
    I was just thinking a blog might even be easier to organize.
    How fun for you to chronicle your child’s childhood THIS way♡


    1. I love that email idea! Clever! I hope my daughter enjoys this little collection I’m working on. Comments like this encourage me to keep at it. Thanks Keri!


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