Dear Regret


Was it a hole in the delicate fabric? Was it his collection of favorite shirts? Or was the attendant short with you? What made you whimper then sob as you rushed out of the cleaners today? You seemed so sad I felt the urge to grab you and give you a big warm hug but you’re a stranger. And it was such a private moment. I decided not to. And now regret it. Maybe that was all you needed. A pause in the emotion. A reminder that life continues. I’m so sorry I left you alone sad stranger.


5 replies to “Dear Regret

  1. I’ve been hugged many times by conscerned strangers many times on the street (someone I love puts under great stress unintentioaly) and I’ve always just broken down – not because I feel sorry for myself but because of their sympathy but after I’ve always felt better about myself and stronger. However if you’d have approached me 10 years ago I’d have said “I’m fine” and then if you’d have persisted “f#ck off!” so I don’t blame your self for not acting.


    1. If it was you I saw breaking down, I wouldn’t have hesitated. Even if you told me to eff off. 🙂 BTW I posted the Squirrel Nut Zippers in my audio player on my blog in your honor! It’s my virtual hug to you when you need it. Take care!


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