Sweet and Sour Dreams

Would you believe I drew this?! True.
Would you believe I drew this?! True.

Had a weird dream. We decided to take a family vacation to China. That’s not the weird part. Well, it is if you consider that we don’t have the type of bank account that affords international jet setting. The part that didn’t sit well with me was sending the mister and Oliva by themselves. I told them I’d catch up. As though I could jog along side the plane and climb aboard hobo-train-hop style. I apparently felt I had too much to do. I attempted to rush through my work on the job but it was like digging a hole in the sand. I missed my flight.

I didn’t have anxiety dreams like that as a kid. I remember flying through the air like a bird in search of french fries and the playground. Sometime around adulthood those dreams just stopped. Now I dream about work. But I do know that my daughter has sweet dreams. She wakes up and tells me so, “Mama, I had the sweet dreams!” she’ll sometimes exclaim. The other night I heard her whispering twinkle twinkle little star in her sleep. Warms my heart to think of her content and happy in her dreamscape.

Do you have anxiety dreams or if you’d rather not say were your childhood dreams different than your adult dreams?


8 replies to “Sweet and Sour Dreams

  1. That is sweet. It would be nice if all childrens dreams could be nice, it would be even better if their lives could all be happy and worldly issues free. But that, is a pipe dream.


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