Too Organic

Here’s what showed up in this week’s produce box:


Begging the question, aren’t some things just a little too organic?

These look like the same variety of ick that I’ve been removing from the yard this winter. It’s creepy the way they spring up out of nowhere in large numbers. This smug little guy is trying to get the last laugh too. I opened the box and there he was, “Surprise, it’s me Giant Fungus! I brought all my pals too!” Can you believe it? He’s taunting me.

Don’t get me wrong. I like mushrooms. Especially if they look like this:


But this:


No thanks. I’ll stick with the Cabaret Carrots instead.


10 replies to “Too Organic

    1. Melanie I am so ashamed to report that they went bad before I worked up the courage to try them. If you lived closer I would have gladly shared them with you when they were edible!


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