Come Again Another Day

photo 1_Fotor

Hey Rain,
How’s it going? It’s been too long. You’re looking good. Working out lately? I really missed you. I didn’t appreciate you when you were around. For that I am sorry. I took you for granted. I know you’ve been spending all your time with that tart on the east coast but I think we should give it another go. I need you. We need you. Please stay.


15 replies to “Come Again Another Day

    1. Mark, that is more than enough to get my endorsement! Mark for King of the World!!! Let’s skip the ceremony and get straight to work. Crops are withering as we speak. Thanks for offering to lend a hand!


      1. I just walked my dog in the piles of excess snow around here. Now we just need some willing tankers, Sandra. Oh, I can now order them: Come hither, said big trucks with water-hauling capacity!


  1. I love living in LA, but man do I hometown rains. I hope the dark clouds here make way for some of that particular magic . . .


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