Oliva age 2 and her abuelita, mi mama making tortillas.
Oliva age 2 and her abuelita, mi mama making tortillas.

Before we get to the tortillas, I just want to remind you of the Starbucks/itunes giveaway I’m hosting this week. See yesterday’s post for the details. And as always, thank you for keeping me company! Now let’s talk tortillas.

I try to visit my mom and dad a couple times each month. They don’t live terribly far away but they also aren’t exactly nearby either so a visit involves suitcases and a little extra time. My work schedule has been off these days so I have missed catching up with them. I told my mom on the phone recently that I’ve been eating a lot of tortillas lately because when I’m missing her all I have to do is whip up a batch and it’s as though she’s right there with me. Telling me stories about her childhood as she rolls out each one. I’ve been in charge of the comal (or iron skillet) since I was tall enough to reach the pan and flip each tortilla when they are perfectly brown. Nothing like a fresh tortilla straight off the fire with a dab of butter. The ultimate comfort food. Do you have a similar relationship with a particular dish?

Homemade Flour Tortillas

2 cups flour

3 tbsp. shortening

3/4 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 cup water


Mix all ingredients together except the water. You can use a fork or whisk at this stage to incorporate the ingredients but these are handmade tortillas so prepare to get your hands involved. Once the mixture looks crumbly stir in water. Place dough on lightly floured surface knead thoroughly until smooth. Tear dough by hand and roll into 12 equal size balls. With rolling pin roll each portion into 6-7 inch circle before cooking on a skillet over medium high heat. Cook until lightly browned on each side.


10 replies to “Tortillas

  1. I feel comfort cooking fresh kielbasa and pierogi. My grandmothers, mother and two sisters all were in charge of making the Polish food when I was growing up, Sandra. Now I cook it for my wife and I. Not from scratch, mind you, but boiling and then frying the frozen Mrs. T’s with onions still counts in my book, and makes me quite happy.


    1. Defrosting certainly counts as cooking in my book! Thanks Mark for tapping the break long enough to comment while scrolling through your feed. I appreciate your input!


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