Meet Hello Kitty Cute Face

Head quarters just rang from deep in their secret bunker beneath the crooked tree.


There’s an emergency!

Approaching the scene is our heroine, Hello Kitty Super Cute Face with her trusty side kick Baby Marlo No Pants.

Baby Marlo

The situation is dire.

Ice Cream Blunder

Can Hello Kitty Super Cute Face set things right? “No problemo,” says our protagonist! “I have a plan!”

Hello kitty faceTo be continued…

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11 replies to “Meet Hello Kitty Cute Face

  1. Loved this Sandra! Love all the creative photos and writing, but this is by far my favorite! Anything with that little peanut.


  2. I love this structure of writing a story with your little one as the protagonist. (Also, the name of her sidekick made me laugh out loud! “Baby Marlo No Pants”? CLASSIC.) Clearly, you guys have a lot of fun together!


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