The Outcome In The Case of The Ice-Cream Fumble

If you’re just tuning in…

We left our heroine at the unfortunate scene:

unfortunate scene

Before heartache and darkness had a chance to set in, our protagonist decided this would not be her undoing! But first the powers that be say it’s nap time and on a case like this rest is exactly what needs to come next.

think about it

“I’ll get down to business after I get some shut eye. But what will be my next move?” she thought as her eyes grew heavy and she fell gently into dreamland. The idea came to her in her sleep…

“Grandma and Grandpa will know exactly what to do! Mom, let’s go.” The long drive was somber as she considered the possibility that it might be a lost cause. “Will Grandma and Grandpa sympathize? Will they help me recover from this unfortunate set back?”

glam girl

The plan proved to be a smashing success!


Sometimes pictures say it best:

papa ice cream

The end.


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