Drum Roll Please


Meet my pal Natalie who does not have a blog but should. The poor kitten took a tumble recently, but her make-up is impeccable as seen above. She sent me this sweet selfie in support of my effort to promote self-compassion. I tried loading each entry in today’s post for you to see but was unable to figure out how to save your snapshots to my media library. So it is my hope dear reader that you will visit each link to meet the kind folks who played along.

For those of you who are just tuning in, you might want to visit this post first: In Self Defense as this conclusion will make more sense.

Here are the lovies who responded in the order received:

  • Dora la Flor. Que linda. Reading her blog is like visiting a relative. She welcomes readers into her home and shares pictures of her favorite pottery, her latest quilting project and she’ll also treat you to a tour of her beautiful ranchito from time to time with pictures of her flowers in bloom.
  • When Mark isn’t shoveling snow on the east coast these days, he likes to blog about driving his Chevy Nova at top speed in another life. He also shares his thoughts on sports, entertainment, family and a variety of other topics over at markbialczak.com. Salt of the earth as the saying goes and a journalist as well!
  • That lovable monster in your closet, Deborah who snapped a shot that includes baby to be. This might be baby’s first selfie. Deborah is a professional who chronicles her thoughts on society, motherhood, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer here: The Monster In Your Closet.
  • Final entry is from Catherine over at The Ten Thousand Hour Mama. Catherine is a writer who shares her experiences as a first time mama to the adorable little lady with a big beautiful name, Edith Mae. I’m looking forward to getting to know Catherine better as I only recently found her sweet blog.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 5 entries total, 3 chances to win. Oliva selected the following winners at random from her Hello Kitty hat:

selfie winners

  1. Dora
  2. Mark
  3. Catherine

Please email me at squareonenotes@gmail.com to let me know what your choice of $10 gift card is: Starbucks or iTunes. Thank you so much for playing along! This little one had fun participating too…



8 replies to “Drum Roll Please

  1. Hooray! I was just thinking today how I need some new music. Actually, I was thinking of getting the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which isn’t anywhere near new, but the songs are SO GOOD to sing along to. Thanks for the great opportunity!


    1. My sister in law is from Spain. She made me a copy of the soundtrack in Spanish! I love love love that movie! The soundtrack is awesome. Good choice! Thanks for playing!


  2. What a great sport Natalie is and she’s cute. I absolutely love your picture of your little one, I think pink is her color. Sandra, I enjoyed doing your challenge , there is no reason to send me anything. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog.


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