Stupid Fish

I’m an Aquarius.

The mister took this shot.

I don’t know what that means other than I love water.

Last spring I found this guy:


I’ve always wanted a water feature. So I figured out how to turn this giant fish planter into a fountain using an old wine barrel. I was really happy with it.

Fountain barrel_Fotor

Even added some water lettuce to brighten it up. But one day it ticked me off. I was outside playing with Oliva when I suddenly found myself flat on my back, feet in the air like so:


The overspray accumulated and a slick puddle formed beneath the fountain on the porch. I slipped and bonked my head on the cement.

Stupid fish. What if it had been my little lady who knocked herself out? So I told Oliva, “no more running on the cement.” Poor girl. No running in the house, no running outside. Sometimes a girl needs to run! I decided the fish had to go.

I grabbed a shovel, sunk a resin wine barrel planter in the flower bed and here’s the result. What do you think?

goldfish bubble close_FotorIt sounds pretty. I love listening to the tranquil trickle of water splish-splashing away.

bubble fish_FotorGot any DIY projects of your own going?


28 replies to “Stupid Fish

  1. It’s a veery funny fish! I love the color of it! Always love orange.
    And, can you tell me what DIY stands for? I see it once in a while, but haven’t a clue of what it means.


      1. It’s quite all right, Sandra. I’ve seen it before but couldn’t understand the meaning of it. So thank you for the explanation!
        I think we all take things for granted now and then.”What I know, everybody else know!”


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