Steve’s Music Mix

Superfly!Giving Steve’s Music Mix a spin. If you want to play too click the link. Here’s the instructions if you’re curious:

3 new questions are posted weekly:

  • Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
  • Say the questions aloud and press play
  • Use the song title as your answers

Here’s how my mix sounds:

1) What is your view of people?

Fall To Pieces-Patsy Cline

comment: as an introvert, I find this to be a fitting description of how I feel in large group settings.

2) What is the meaning of life?

Can’t Help Falling In Love-Elvis

comment: yeah, exactly what he said. Meaning of life=falling in love.

3) If you could change your name, what would it be?

Save The Last Dance For Me-The Drifters

comment: not sure what this song is telling me. Maybe my player misunderstood the question?


8 replies to “Steve’s Music Mix

  1. hehe, this is better than 8-ball for sure! Great answers and maybe your new name should be ‘Dancer’ then. I feel the same in large group settings. Patsy Cline said it well. Great post and share. 😀


  2. I like the Patsy Cline response!

    LOL on the last one, unless they think your name should be Drifter. Sounds like a nickname for a pre-teen skateboard fanatic.


    1. Drifter! That’s it, thanks! I am a former pre-teen skateboard groupie. So it kinda fits. The psychic elements to this music game are a little spooky. I love it!


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