Three Cousins: a comic

Three Cousins:

Foiled again!
Darn it, Tia! Did you tip off the media again?

In a secret society:

secret society
They will never recognize us in these disguises.

They try to dress similarly as other gangs/organizations do; signifying solidarity, membership, inclusion. But it’s hard sometimes because they’re still too young to dress themselves.

They have their own curious rituals when they interact:

curious rituals
If you catch the ball you lose.

And they enjoy the same kind of music:

punk rock
Kids nowadays with their blue jeans and their “Rock and Roll.”

The oldest are the two shot callers:

shot callers

But don’t let this sweet baby face fool you:

baby face no nap
I will hypnotize you with my gorgeous baby blue eyes. Hand me the candy and cash. You are getting very sleepy…

He might look innocent but his wrap sheet tells a different tale.



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