Music Mix Monday

Note From Mom
Grandma’s house circa 1980.

Giving Steve’s Music Mix another spin. If you want to play too, click the link. Here’s the instructions if you’re curious:

3 new questions are posted weekly:

  • Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
  • Say the questions aloud and press play
  • Use the song title as your answers

Here’s how my mix sounds:

1) This time yesterday I was…?

A Fond Farewell-Elliott Smith

Comment: “He said really I just want to dance good and evil match perfect, it’s a great romance, and I can deal with some psychic pain, if it will slow down my higher brain…” hmmm…not sure what to make of that. Did I dance with evil yesterday? I did make a McDonald’s pitstop along the way. Maybe it does fit!

2) This time tomorrow I will be…?


Comment: “Walking in the breeze on the plains of old Sedona, Arizona among the trees.” Guess I’ll be daydreaming about AZ tomorrow.

3) This time next year I will be…?

I’m So Tired-The Beatles

Comment: “I’m so tired I haven’t slept a wink, I’m so tired my mind is on the blink, I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink…” So this time next year will be basically the same as today. Good to know.


16 replies to “Music Mix Monday

    1. To state the obvious, I loved that record player. Wish I could tell what was on the turn table. I’m still that simple girl. Just play some good music and I’m happy. Same goes for you from what I gather. 🙂


      1. Yes, same goes for me, Sandra. My favorite, though, is live, simple instrumentation, grass-roots style. In my past life, I put together a video series of original Central New York music, bands in a plain white studio to video camera microphone. And people loved it. I think you can find it by googling my name + + Music Notes Performance. That series was a sweet responsbility.


      2. That particular video was posted the day before I was laid off. I will forever hold it in high esteem. The Goldsworthy sisters are wonderful performers, both. Thanks, Sandra.


      3. Yes, it did, and this WordPress blog is one of them. It’s hard going, though. I was at that company for just shy of 30 years. The reinvention of my professional self is coming along, with film blogs, community blogs and various rewarding free-lance writing. A 40-hour position may be coming soon, knock on wood, to add to the foundation. Thanks, Sandra.


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