Meet Lola Chicken

Lola Chicken
Loufane Gladys Rosa-Mendoza, November 2005

Oliva and I love this new bilingual picture book we found. It’s a simple story about a complicated chicken named Lola.

“For the first time in her life, Lola was alone. But where should she go? Over the hill to another farm…or into the deep, dark woods? ‘Now it’s my turn to choose!’ said Lola.”

Be true to yourself is the moral. Gorgeous vibrant illustrations help tell this sweet love story. The ending even has an unexpected twist. If you’re looking for quality bilingual picture books that are sure to be treasured for years to come add this to your collection and check out these two as well:


11 replies to “Meet Lola Chicken

    1. I agree! She is a good-looking chicken! As a writer, you would appreciate the storytelling in these. Oliva loves them and sometimes just wants to look at the pictures.


  1. We’re planning on enrolling our little one in an immersion school (it’s 5 years away and we’ve already discussed it!). Speaking Spanish has been a big part of my life, and reading more bilingual books is a great way to introduce the language to Peeper, too. Thanks for these suggestions!


  2. Gonna have to look for this one at our local library. It looks like a great one and I love the title and illustrations. : ) We’re addicted to storytime and have a minimum of 50 books from the library at any given time. Was just thinking about reviewing all our faves so thanks for this. Will add it to our ever-growing list : )


    1. I would love taking our little one to the library but due to lack of funding the hours are so limited it’s hard to work it into our schedule. Best storybook memories with my mom were at the public library in my hometown. Good job teaching those little ones to appreciate story time! This is a great book, I hope you like it too.


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