Socks and Sandals

dad and me

Where to start with this one? I guess we should begin with introductions. This is me and my dad. My dad has always reminded me of Elvis. Mexican Elvis. He’s cool. I’m the perp in this lineup. The obvious question is what’s the point of sandals AND socks? Blush. Also 20 year old self, what are you thinking rockin’ the Berkley hat and hoodie on the university of new mexico campus? Not even in the same state. You didn’t even bother to apply knowing it was pointless. Don’t get me started on the spandex. Yikes.

But you know what? Oliva dug this one out of a shoe box under the bed, took it to the fridge and asked me to hang it up. Now that’s unconditional love.


  1. laflor5233

    I guess it’s a daughter thing. I always thought my dad looked like Randolph Scott, who was always featured in westerns, and I loved to watch them, way back when. My dad always wore a hat and later in his life we bought him a Stetson hat.


    1. Sandra

      It must be a daughter thing Dora! Last year on Etsy I ran across a card for Father’s Day that read, “Daddy, forever his son’s hero; always will remain her first love.” I thought that was sweet.


  2. Emilio Pasquale

    It’s funny how you apologize for every bit of clothing you had on, yet your dad looks like he could wear the same clothes today. Interesting.


    1. Sandra

      But wait! I’ve got a current one in the works in defense of my WordPress Bestie! Will post shortly. Fine tuning it now. Playing with smell-o-widget. Trying to pair it with that ditto scent for added effect.


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