In The Garden


Because today, I’m leaning on the side of wonder.

-Melina Marchetta

Oliva’s fairy garden is pixie friendly this year. I love this sweet little door. Oliva has been helping me clean up the flower bed and enjoys rearranging endlessly. I love finding her tiny footprints in the soil. She also tramples some of the more delicate greenery so I’ve been filling in with variousย stepable ground covers that can tolerate a little weight.

Only a brief post today friends. Deadlines at work are killing my mojo. Sure to be sharing silly posts with you again after a brief spell. Until then, carry on good people.


15 replies to “In The Garden

    1. Ha ha! I’m an accessory in your delinquency. We are in cahoots! I love that word. Cahoots. Sounds old tyme. Where’s my corncob pipe? Yes, that’s how easy it is to pull me waaayyyy off topic. Thanks!


  1. I love the picture, as well as seeing an unexpected reference to Melina Marchetta!

    Good luck with your projects. ๐Ÿ™‚


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