Weekly Photo Challenge: inside II


Inside and not so sure about it. First kiddie train ride through the city zoo.


6 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: inside II

    1. Thanks Dora! I’m glad you are able to see this post. It seems to be jinxed. My computer didn’t post it right away and then it got shuffled behind another older post. Likely an operator error. Did you have any luck with your Bloglovin question?


    1. You know what, I thought of you when I chose this pic. For some reason the red and the entire image really, makes me think of your work! I love your pics!


      1. Thanks! Copy-cat!
        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just kidding!
        I like red! Can’t help it. Don’t know why. Maybe I need it?
        And I like your pictures too. Very much!


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