Kiss The Ride

She says, “let’s play married!”20140315-170557.jpg

“This ring I thee when, you may kiss the ride. Now we dance!”


Discovered a new app courtesy of Pearls & Prose who reviewed Waterlogue on her site. I’ve been playing around with it. Take a look…

watercolor kiss the ride


25 replies to “Kiss The Ride

    1. Hey stranger! So nice to hear from you! Thanks for your feedback. I love the colors but it does obscure the image. Maybe it would better compliment scenery instead of portraits….


      1. I checked it out but I don’t intend to get it. First! I don’t want to buy apps. And certainly not one I dont know more about and have tried out. What if there only is a couple of preset colorschemes and some borders? Only to click and Its done and ther is nothing more to it! Even if it looks good after! Where is the challange?
        It’s nice to have borders and layers etc. But only if I’m able to combine that with doing things all by my self.
        Anyone can do good looking pictures nowadays. But it’s too easy! Just click click! And soon everyones pictures look more or less the same.
        I want to do the pictures myself, even if I take help of layers etc, I want to be able to use them as tools only. Not as pre made fixed outfits. I like to sit down, for hours if so, to work on my pictures.


      2. And that is the difference between an artist such as yourself and a wanna be such as myself. 😉 I like tools like this because to the untrained eye it looks like I know what I’m doing.


      3. That must be the first time ever, someone calls me an artist! 😉 Are you sure you aren’t kidding me?
        I think they are are really beautiful those watercolored replicas. But I would be bored do death if it was so simple to do a picture. Too easy! For me that is!
        I want some challenges and I feel more content if I know I’ve done it all by myself!


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