Along Came A Spider


Here’s this week’s installment of Laura-Made-Me-Do-It, aka Throwback Thursday. This is one I unearthed from a few years back. It made me laugh so I thought I’d release it from captivity. What do you think? If you like it let me know, if you don’t just remember, Laura put me up to it.

May 7, 2010

After working late last night I poured myself a cup of piping hot tea in my favorite mug. It’s black and kind of irregular, a handmade souvenir from a special vacation. A long day behind me, fragrant herbal tea steeping in my lovely mug, Gary, my fat boy cat snuggled up on my lap…sounds relaxing, yeah?

(cue eerie foreboding music)

The first sip was odd. My thought bubble read, “this isn’t a loose leaf tea…must be a tear in the tea bag because there’s a rose petal or some other whimsical particle of tea matter on my tongue.” Then my brain catches on and registers that black spiders aren’t an everyday ingredient in herbal teas, the contents of my mouth spray onto my dear cat who quickly leaps away and hides unsure of what overcame me.

In their defense, the manufacturers printed this warning in black and white on their product, “Amazingly flavorful teas with a fertile imagination and some other good things from nature.” It’s doubtful that the folks at said tea company are so imaginative in their thinking that they would intentionally spoil a mug of tea by sprinkling arachnids in their product; so here’s my take on how this unfortunate event unfolded.

Boris the spider must have made his way into my black mug under the cover of darkness in his living years when he happily resided in my kitchen cupboard prior to his regrettable expiration by way of boiling water…at least it was a watery grave of fragrant, flavorful rose petals, valerian root, and citrusy herbs that carried him off to that giant spider web in the sky. Boris, I’m not sure what it was you were hoping to find in my black mug, likely not the bath of death you came to know, but I hope the end was swift and painless. Let this be a lesson to your eight legged friends and family. Do not tangle with me at tea time.


28 replies to “Along Came A Spider

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I once ate a blackberry with a spider inside, leading to a wariness with the berry I can’t shake today. I’ll be double-checking my tea now, too! 🙂


    1. It’s got me thinking of all the times this sort of thing happens and we never even know. ick. Deborah, I keep hoping to hear of the arrival of a baby closet monster! Getting close, right?


    1. Thanks so much! Just yesterday I approached the WP community pool to solicit feedback on my player because I wasn’t able to get it to cycle through all the songs. This morning I think I cracked the case. So glad to hear it worked for you! I really love that song. She has a beautiful voice.


  2. How odd and coincidental. I stepped out of the shower today and saw something big and black on the tiled floor. I quickly put on my glasses and saw that it was a huge spider. He appeared to be staring me down, double-dog daring me to make a move. I did. I dispatched him. Like your spider, it was quick … but not painless. I liked your story, Sandra.

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    1. I am so pleased to hear how you were able to relate to this! Also, I often have to pause to put on my glasses before fully understanding what’s in front of me as well. So nice to hear from you!


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