Gardening At Night Part 4

Before I share the rest with you, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes you posted yesterday for Oliva. We had a great day and the celebration continues today just down the road a bit at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I hope to keep up with your updates too but my connection is usually unreliable at my parent’s house. Regardless I will catch up with you but it might be later than usual. Have a great weekend!



Gardening at Night Part 4:

Then the  most amazing thing happened:



From the very bottom of the pond these divine beauties emerged:



I gained confidence as new life began to bloom and surface; and as my gardening improved so did my health. The darkness was more of a low lying fog but even that was progress from where I was when the project was just a hole in the ground.

I’ve added a few embellishments like a flowering bonsai, a lemon cypress, a fairy bungalow…






Just as the little fish in that pond needed a support system to thrive I discovered that I do too. Our pond is where I learned to swim. It took the help of my dear hub-a-dub-dub, my daughter, a healthy dose of western medicine, and a deep hole in the sandy dirt from which nothing took root before I slipped and fell in the water.




21 replies to “Gardening At Night Part 4

  1. Beautiful water lilies. You have created something very beautiful and have been rewarded. I hope that you keep on feeling well and looking forward.


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