To Suzie, With Love

I drafted this yesterday after visiting Suzie81 Speaks and learning of her happiness project that is open all week. Before hitting publish this morning I went back to her site to link up and found a farewell post to her beloved furry pal. The very opposite of happiness. I suppose I need to better explain her proposal before she posted this news. Suzie asked readers to post an image, poem, flash fiction, essay, etc interpretation or reflection of the word happy. My first thought was it’s disrespectful to publish my post today as she must be grieving. But then it occurred to me that the universe may have conjured exactly what she needs at this time. Comfort. Unconditional love from a faithful family pet is the perfect example of the word happy.

Dear Suzie,

Today is going to be sad. I’m so sorry. I’m lending my support to your happiness initiative in honor of your little friend. She surely was a champion of great happiness; an everlasting impression of true love.




A picture story of happiness inspired by Suzie81 Speaks:

You might see just shoes…


I see my two favorite people. It’s impossible to be unhappy in their company:

O and E restaraunt

My flower garden is also a happy place I imagine as needed when I find myself in stressful situations:


My pal gnomie makes me smile:


also old pictures of loved ones always make me happy. This is my mom and dad prom night 1960 something:

Mom and Dad Prom_Fotor

and finally the California coastline never disappoints:


What makes you happy dear reader?


32 replies to “To Suzie, With Love

  1. Did you have the Gnomes book as a child? I did. It had a section on contemporary music in there, with the lyrics (if I recall), “Girrrrrl, I love the way that you shampoo.” So that is what is in my head as I look at your pictures. And also I think part of why your husband is smiling has to do with salt on the rim. That’s a good name for an autobiography, come to think of it. Gnomes, Vans, and Salt on the Rim.


    1. The neighbors are probably wondering what I’m laughing so loudly about. “Girrrl, I love the way that you shampoo.” Hysterical. So is this what you’re thinking when you land on my site since I have a gnome in my header? Gnomes, Vanes, and Salt on the Rim has just become my new tagline. But maybe it should be the shampoo quote…might need to take it to a vote.


      1. Can you hear it in your head? To me, it’s a soulful R&B voice. I don’t know if you remember Ready for the World’s “Oh, Sheila” (you are young), and they were one-hit wonders, but for some reason, that’s the voice I hear singing it.


      2. “Oh baby it’s 1-2-3…” thanks for getting that catchy hook stuck in my head. But yes, now that I have this point of reference I do hear it that way as well. You’re so funny!


      3. Yes, you know it! He wants to be your deedle-dee. Oh, and I apologize about the one-hit wonder comment. They also had “Love You Down.” I don’t want their lawyers all over me.


      4. A dee da lee da lou…I didn’t know they sang Love You Down too. That one was just playing at the grocery store! Smart thinking dodging those lawyers. They’re blood thirsty ever since the group’s career dried up. Like 15 minutes after their debut.


  2. These vignettes of your life made me happy, too!
    For me, my daughter’s goofy grin never fails to make me smile, too.
    A piece of dark chocolate lifts dark moods a tad.
    A compliment or sweet remark from a friend—or stranger—is an unexpected bright spot.
    These are just a few things that make me happy.


  3. Every photo on this page makes me happy, too, Sandra. They radiate your happiness all the way from California to Syracuse.

    The show photo reminds me of when my Elisabeth was Oliva’s age, and she just had to have dark green sneakers to match my new Skechers. And when we found a pair, she put them on and stood next to me and was the proudest little girl. That was a happy moment that I would not have been re-delighted by if I had not seen your photo of Erik and Oliva’s matching sneaks.

    Thank you.


  4. What a nice post. I love the shoes. And your message to Suzie81. What makes me happy is coming home to my wife.


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