Strawberry, That’s My Jam


The artist pauses to collect her thoughts on the steps of a random home in downtown Sacramento before making her way to a family friendly eating establishment nearby.


After taking some time off to reconnect with family and friends, our favorite singer songwriter makes a bold return to the studio. Skipping Stones magazine says, “You won’t believe your ears.” Spork! declares, “Strawberry, That’ s My Jam is the most important collection of singles released to date.” SWIRL monthly adds, “a soulful cheery departure from the forlorn heartache of her earlier work. A technicolor dream!” In stores now!


Back Porch Productions presents:

Strawberry, That’s My Jam

1) El em en oh peas (the alphabet song)

2) Tortillas and Scream Cheese

3) Manly Down the Stream (that row row song)

4) Strawberry, That’s My Jam

5) I Thee When (the I do song)

6) Juice Box Hero, Stars in Her Eyes

7) Play Dates Are for Suckers (I want the red one)



17 replies to “Strawberry, That’s My Jam

  1. She just needs 3 more to be an album. It can open up to show this picture. And make sure she wears the boots in the recording studio.BTW, I think you added some strawberry jam to your hair like a saucy redhead


  2. Every young artist these days puts out an EP before an LP, Kerbey! Oliva is with the trend!

    Sandra, your picture of the girl should be on an EP cover somewhere. And yours should be on the inside jacket as the producer.

    East Coast Jam: Blueberry scream cheese on my bagel.


    1. I like your East Coast Jam, Mark! Your comment about me being the producer made me think of what a friend told me after I had Oliva. Something like, “You’re so damn creative you made a real person, a live person!” Still makes me laugh. Have a great day!


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