“What is Love?”-Suzie

This week Suzie81 Speaks of love. More specifically she has asked everyone to share their interpretation of what love is. A concept as abstract as this can only be told through illustrations, says me, the simpleton.

A Social Story On Love


This is Charlie.


And this is Hazel. Two lonely souls searching for companionship, someone to share inside jokes with, a karaoke partner; because yes, love is a duet. Hazel looked to the sky one day and thought to herself “I’ve had my fill of girl’s night outs, sex in the city marathons on TBS, single serving coffee in the morning. I want to find my other half.”


Charlie spotted Hazel looking fetching in her purple overalls and pale pink undershirt. He thought to himself, “I’m so glad I went with the blazer today instead of my usual Butthole Surfers t-shirt. But what do I say? She’s beautiful! And deep in thought. Maybe she’s waiting for her boyfriend to show up?”


SCREECH! CRASH! BOOM! (enter love stage right)

Turns out Charlie was correct. Hazel was looking for her boyfriend. He didn’t know until their eyes met that she was waiting for him. They spent every waking moment together discovering all the ways they loved each other and wondered how they ever made it this far alone. Their next move was obvious.


Hazel traded in her single serving coffee machine for a drip coffee maker. The happy coupleย have been spotted around town singing Leather and Lace on the karaoke circuit downtown. Hazel decided her previous hunch was right on, love is a duet.



19 replies to ““What is Love?”-Suzie

  1. May I mention that the story of Hazel and Charlie may just be “The Greatest Love of All,” Sandra?

    All those people who check off “It’s complicated” are getting it wrong. It took somebody whose premise is “simpleton” to produce the perfect episode.



  2. I don’t believe in long engagements, either.

    So Hazel is Stevie Nicks in this scenario, and Charlie is Don Henley. I can see that happy hippo singing, “I need you to LOVE me, I need you today!”


    1. I’m with you Kerbey. And I can see Hazel draped in a lacy shawl spinning around on stage belting it out like Stevie would. “When you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” to quote one of my favorite love stories, When Harry Met Sally.


      1. I almost wrote “shawl” but I didn’t want to go overkill. We see the same image in our minds of the blonde gypsy fairy woman, spinning around (after she puts her Newports down. Does she smoke? It sounds like it. Every time I come to band practice at church with a hoarse voice, I launch into Stevie Nicks’ songs.) Well, let’s just hope that Charlie has that Harry mentality and that he will not start dragging her heart around.


    1. Let me remind you, simpleton at the switch over here, Christopher. You gotta lower the bar when you visit my site. Glad you liked it just the same. ๐Ÿ˜‰ All that aside, I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Tim Burton.


  3. This was beautiful!

    (and props for the Butthole Surfers mention… Hazel is lucky to have found a Soulmate who likes cool music!)


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