On The Move

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move


Beep Beep!


On the move with her dad in the ’65 Galaxie



9 replies to “On The Move

    1. Thanks pal! The car, unfortunately is more of a prop. “Car” insinuates transportation, as in drivable. So I guess I’m using it as a metaphor here. 😉 xoxo


    1. That would be fun Mark! We’ve had a stormy relationship this car and I. She was Erik’s first love then I came along and she left us stranded on one of our first dates. We had to phone a friend for a lift. I must have grown on her because she had a change of heart and became more reliable even managing to get us over the hill to Santa Cruz and back when we got married. Then Oliva came along and she’s grumpy again. But she’s willing to limp around the block a time or two. Such is life, no?


      1. She is acting her age, Sandra. Good days and bad days. Maybe she needs a makeover like Joan Rivers?! No, bad analogy. She needs under the hood and carriage tinkering, the exterior appears pretty nice …

        I do believe you have posted shots of you and Erik and this beauty on the wedding day? And she does have good bones, my friend.

        And, yes, such is life.


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