17 thoughts on “This Way

    1. Mark, I love age 3! I’m so glad she loves to think out loud because I get a glimpse of how things add up in her world. It’s all so simple and it’s all about love. She asked me today when I was going to get married. I told her I’m already married. Then she asked if I was married to her or daddy. When I said I was happily married to both she replied, “really?!”


      1. To hear Oliva’s thought process is such a striking thing, Sandra. It’s like being privvy to the pieces of her personality and intellect falling into place! Lucky mommy, you are!


      1. Maybe she meant two just like you. Otherwise, you have to explain that your husband could not handle two wives at the same time, and that you don’t live in Utah.


    1. Thank you Alice! I’m racing to keep up with her literally and figuratively. I understand now why they always say it’s over before you know it.


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