Friendship: A Comic

This week Suzie81 Speaks of Friendship. To which I say, friendship is for the birds.


Like this one who greeted me yesterday morning as I was brewing a pot of coffee. How birds learn to fly is beyond my feeble reasoning skills. I prefer to imagine that each bird pairs off with a cherub. Something that looks like this maybe:


Hello little cherub! Aren’t you the cutest little star?! Cherubs have wings you know. As seen here:


What does this have to do with friendship, you ask? Only everything. Because the cherub teaches the finch to fly and in exchange the finch teaches the cherub to sing the most beautiful songs. It’s a give and take kind of relationship.

What’s that? Sounds dicey, you say? Ok. Let me think some more about it and have another go at it later this week. Look for more to come on friendship.





18 replies to “Friendship: A Comic

  1. Good step one, Sandra. Friends fill in each other’s gaps of need, certainly, like your pretty bird and charming cherub.

    I look forward to later elements of Sandra friendship.

    I like you because …

    You get me and I get you. There’s a biggie on my friendship list, my friend!


    1. Paulie: [talking about Adrian] You like her?
      Rocky: Sure, I like her.
      Paulie: What’s the attraction?
      Rocky: I dunno… she fills gaps.
      Paulie: What’s ‘gaps’?
      Rocky: I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.

      Gaps filled. I like that.
      Great comment Mark.
      I concur.


    2. Mark, it would have been really easy to say “Hey Crazy, what’s with all the pics of toys?” But you’re right, we get each other and laugh about it instead. Thanks for laughing along with me pal. You’re a dear friend!


  2. “Every Morne from hence,
    A brisk Cherub something sips,
    Whose sacred influence
    Adds sweetnes to his sweetest lips,
    Then to his Musick, and his song
    Tastes of his breakefast all day long.”
    Richard Crashaw


      1. One…but I am used to it being spelled all different ways (but thank you for checking 🙂 )


  3. Nice post Sandra. I love your toys. Wish I still had my Raggedy Ann and Andy with me, but they are gone forever. I gave them to a friend who needed the comfort more than I did. Then she passed them on to someone else. That’s what makes life work around here, and keeps it worth living.


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