Further Wreckage

Found more pics to share from that close call:


And before she toppled completely over:



23 replies to “Further Wreckage

    1. Sacramento is referred to as the city of trees. I love living under a canopy of different varieties, makes me feel like a woodland creature. But for every pro there’s a con, right? Sorry you’ve experienced this too! I hope nobody was hurt on your end as well.


      1. It happened twice and neither time was anyone hurt. The second time, it would have struch our home, but another tree deflected it…..phew.

        Otherwise, trees are wonderful 🙂


  1. I feel a little ‘strange’ (maybe because I AM a little strange), hitting the ‘like’ button on this post, because it is most definitely not an occurrence to ‘like’ have happen to anyone. OK, belay that. I can think of at least one person right now who (in my mind) deserves a tree or three falling on his house, certainly not you though my Friend.

    But I do like that you shared it.
    (And I do hope all of that made some semblance of sense.)
    Hope the cleanup goes safely and well and without further incident.


    1. Dear Lance, this makes perfect sense. I followed your train of thought without a pblm. I am not put off by your ‘like.’ I do that too, 2nd guessing if it’s appropriate sometimes. The way I see it, the like button can be a hi-five as in rock on! Or it can be a hug or an encouraging smile. Don’t worry. You’ll never hear me complain about receiving ‘likes.’ I am always encouraged by feedback! Thanks!


  2. How often did we talk about this, Sandra? I am so sorry it happened. So very sorry it happened in your beautiful yard, my friend. I am glad it was only a close call.


      1. Indeed – reminds me of an old Gordon Lightfoot song – If You Could Read My Mind Love, What A Tale my Thoughts Could Tell… not that trees have minds but it’s the way my head works eh! And old ghosts from wishing wells…


      2. “And you won’t read that book again because the end is just too hard to take.” Beautiful song. You’re right, it is fitting. I guess my head works that way too!


    1. I’m singing it too Kerbey. Not so bad though, it is a great song.
      “You know that ghost is me. And I will never be set free as long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see.”


      1. duh, it just occurred to me that I have the Johnny Cash version of this song embedded in my music player to the right of this post. Of course, a friendly ghost! 😉


      2. I love that I can count on you to laugh with me! I’m glad you made yourself some coffee pal. Why mess with a good thing?


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