Home Wrecker

For Throwback Thursday I’m pulling up a picture story from way back and looking forward to catching up with all of you later today!

Mama Oak


This was her property for 300+ years said the arborist.


An ecosystem of hawks, owls, and fairies (?) enjoyed her company.

“I’m gonna mow the backyard!” Said Erik one late afternoon 7 years ago.

The sound of the garage door creaked open, I heard the lawn mower wheels click into motion before the phone rang, “I got it!” he shouted and ran toward the house as a giant crackling sound brought fireworks to mind. I looked up at the sky in the direction of the disturbance through our kitchen window where I was washing dishes. Then the grand finale…BOOM!!!

The house shook, a kitchen windowpane cracked, the sound of water gushing out back could be heard as a pipe erupted on impact, a portion of fencing was gaping like a missing set of teeth. That’s what happened when one limb was shed. One limb swallowed up our backyard like so:


Makes the word “limb” sound so dainty, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder these beautiful trees are nicknamed widow makers. But she spared my husband that day and fortunately she retired completely before we started our family. Because when a heritage oak decides it’s time to shed a limb, you don’t want to be around.


18 replies to “Home Wrecker

  1. Yikes! Widow maker indeed. A friend once taught me to look up before picking a place to pitch a tent while camping, lest you be smooshed by a falling limb in the middle of the night. I didn’t realize it applied to the back yard, too!


      1. When I lived in Winnsboro, TX with my grandparents, we had a huge pecan tree in the back yard. It was just simply awesome; shaded every spot for miles around…ok…for yards around.

        Anyway, it got damaged during a Biblical Proportions Texan Thunder Storm. My grandfather and I worked together to mend the wound. (One large appendage of the tree was broken).

        Granddaddy drilled a hole and we used a metal rod to ‘tie’ the limb back to the rest of the limbs. Amazingly, it worked and last time I was there (many many many moons ago) that damn tree still survives.

        Hope I am that lucky.
        Cheers to you and again, I am so happy no one was hurt.


  2. Holy cow. I saw the newer post first and thought it happened today, Sandra! I am so glad it was a throwback. So this is the OLD tree. I thought it was one you were still worried about like I am the one behind Karen and I’s house. I am so glad it missed Erik!

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    1. Sorry to startle you! Yes I was only reflecting on these old pics I found. I should have referenced that critical detail once more for those who missed my first post!


      1. I started from the top of my Reader, thus it the fresh one first and, well, thought it just happened yesterday! Egads. All’s well now, Sandra. We do have a washer and dryer in our house. 🙂

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    1. Ninna, it was frightening! She dropped a few limbs and did a lot of damage before we were able to get permission to put her out of her misery. The arborist was so helpful in getting the process moving for us since this was a heritage oak (they are protected from being carelessly cut down). The arborist noticed a large crack right down the middle of the tree and deemed it a danger. We had to have it removed.


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