Steve! How You Been Buddy?


Please excuse the recent absences of SquareOneNotes from your cosmic music mix. She has been under the covers lately, unable to channel the music gods. She has since reconnected with the supernatural and was able to participate in this week’s mystic frolic.


Johnny Cash

Patron Saint SquareOneNotes


Giving Steve’s Music Mix another spin. If you want to play too, click this link for more info. Here’s the instructions if you’re curious:

3 new questions are posted weekly:

  • Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
  • Say the questions aloud and press play
  • Use the song title as your answers

Here’s how my mix sounds:

1) Why does it always rain on me?

Sweet Understanding Love-Four Tops

Comments: Out of sweet understanding. Ok, I get that.

2) Where is the love?

Crooked Officer-Geto Boys

Comments: Yikes Yikes Yikesssss! This is a really inflammatory song. But the rule follower in me won’t let me pretend it didn’t just answer this question. Erik and I share iTunes, this is one from his collection. Where is the love Crooked Officer? Works like a Mad Lib.

3) How will I know?

Plenty-Sarah McLachlan

Comments: The contrast from the previous song and Ms. McLachlan makes me laugh. How will I know? “I will stand by you no matter what they say..until my dying day.” Yes that one does work nicely, doesn’t it?


7 replies to “Steve! How You Been Buddy?

  1. Okay, I did it. I thought Steve had a music mix to play on his blog, but he dint, so I went to Pandora.
    1) Why does it always rain on me? “Almost Paradise.” Really? Paradise WOULD be some rain.
    2) Where is the love? “It Ought To Be Easier” – Lyle Lovett. Amen to that.
    3) How will I know? “I Can’t Wait.” – Nu Shooz. Does that mean I’m impatient? Does it?
    These are more interesting than asking the Magic 8 Ball.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I loved that you played along too!
      3) hey baby you never have to say goodbye cuz I can’t wait till you call me on the telephone..
      The word “telephone” sounds so old fashion now, doesn’t it?


  2. Erik’s collection.. Riiiiight.

    I did worry that “How Will I Know?” would come up with question #3. I decided if it did, I would immediately buy a lottery ticket 🙂


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