Life in 6 Songs: Vol. 14 (Debbie and Sandra)

So excited to share this with you. My new dear friend Debbie and I are talking music over at Running on Sober today. Sorry no links, follow the re blog to find us and join the conversation. Xoxo

Running on Sober

In six songs, tell us about your life. 

By now most of you know the drill, but if you are a new visitor, welcome! We challenged our guests to tell us their life stories: “The project is simple, though maybe not easy: Tell us a story–your story–in six songs. And then for fun, wrap up your life in a bonus seventh song.” The series runs every Monday through September. We are currently booked to capacity–thank you!–but before the series wraps-up, we will plan a special event where everyone will be welcome to join in. Until then feel free to check out our past volumes and enjoy this week’s stories.

Our special guests this week are:

Debbie from More Than Sweet Potatoes and Sandra from Square One Notes. I think you’re going to really enjoy their songs and stories! Please be sure to leave them some love in the comments, and stop by…

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  One thought on “Life in 6 Songs: Vol. 14 (Debbie and Sandra)

  1. June 10, 2014 at 8:18 am

    See my comment about your life’s songs on Sober, sis Sandra. ❤


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