Weekly Photo Challenge: Room II

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

imageOne more cozy room for the Weekly Photo Challenge. And another relic. Our table and chairs belonged to Great Grandma Oliva. I spy a kitty, can you?


10 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room II

    1. Thanks Bro! Long story, but I surrendered our two kitties to the SPCA yesterday. The short version is they are just not compatible with Oliva. They’re both about 10 years old and have been used to being the only attraction until 3 years ago. I know it was the right thing to do but I feel so terrible. You know how pets easily become family. Anyway, while Oliva is napping I’m here on WP for the distraction and I think it’s about time I check in at your place to find out how your trip is going. I hope you, Karen, and Ellie B are doing great. Stay away from those juice drinks. They’re like pixie stix!


      1. Oh, Sandra, I know you did the right thing for Oliva’s peace, security and safety, but you will miss those cats for some time. Hang in there, sis.

        Karen, Ellie B and I are doing well. Last full day. It’s raining, but that’s OK. We drive back home to the real world in Syracuse tomorrow. Yikes.


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