Weekly Photo Challenge: ExtraimageCan you see the two extras that wriggled into the frame?


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    1. I think that might be a blunder on my end. You might be able to see them if you click into the post and land on my homepage. Sounds like an olympic event doesn’t it? Get a running start, pole vault, twist and land on SquareOneNotes where you may find in the larger image two little fish nibbling near the copyright portion of the pic. 😉

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      1. All I needed was a little hint, like “two little fish nibbling near the copyright portion of the pic.” More like club to the right side of my noggin’!

        Thanks, sis! Oh, now, I see them!

        Ha! Olympic event. Good one. The Polish-Mex contestant in the pole vault. So sly, Sandra, so sly.

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    1. Thanks PunkRockPal! I love them too. Maybe that’s the aquarius in me. Are you a water sign too? March, right? I really don’t know a lot about that stuff but it sounds interesting, don’t you think?


      1. Pisces, so definitely fish! I am always drawn to water, which is making this whole “where to move” thing so difficult. Too many options, not enough money for all of them LOL.

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