Her Life Was Up In The Air

This little dose of mortality was in my path the other day:
photo 2 (4)
Erik is used to me stopping without warning to take pictures so my actions didn’t phase him, initially. But then I picked up this fallen beauty to get a closer look at her which got him laughing and scratching his head. A bit about the scene upon arrival:

The deceased appears to have expired from natural causes. No evidence of foul play or a struggle. Further inspection reveals a perfectly in tact specimen. The extended position of the flying appendages, or wings, suggest the time of death occurred mid flight.

photo 1 (2)

That must be what it’s like to breathe your last breath mid sentence, mid chew, mid stride. Did you do everything you wanted to do little one? Did you tell all the people you love how much you appreciate them? I hope so. It’s a damn short flight, isn’t it?


18 replies to “Her Life Was Up In The Air

  1. Yesterday at the doctor, they put stickers on the bottoms of my feet to send nerve signals to my back to make pain stop. What does that have to do with this? You are making me sad about life being fleeting and bringing my pain back. I’m going to march up to the Northwest and poke your dopamine receptors. In the meantime, here’s some truth: “While some moths suck nectar, others don’t eat at all. The adult Luna moth, for instance, doesn’t even have a mouth. After it emerges from its cocoon, it lives for about a week. Its sole mission in life? To mate and lay eggs.” So Sandra, if you don’t have a mouth to sing or eat, what’s the point, really? That moth’s mission is over. It wasn’t premature death at all. It was like the porridge that Goldilocks chose: just right.

    BTW, my coffee is brewing right now, so I will raise a mug to you that we both have mouths!!

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    1. Dear friend, it saddens me to hear that you are experiencing such pain. I would never have guessed given that your humor has not suffered. “The adult Luna moth, for instance, doesn’t even have a mouth.” Really? wow! “no mouth to sing or eat with,” now that is truly quite sad. No karaoke? No coffee? No go. I can’t go for that no I…no can do…thank you once again for the insight (you totally get it, you should be SquareOne and I’ll be I Don’t Get It). Take good care pal. I hope the pain subsides, if not let’s meet at that bar on the porch where Tom Cruise is mentoring Johnny Depp on his cocktail technique. xoxo


      1. LOL the doctor seems to be helping. Depp and Cruise will help me out, as well. I would rather be a Luna bar than a Luna mouth at this point.


  2. I love, again, the way you integrate the photographs with the message you are writing. Beautiful work (as always) and a good reminder too :-).

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  3. Mi hermana, that you mourn a moth and wonder if it completed its most yearned goals is what makes you a true inspiration.

    Erik lives quite the adventure, stopping and starting to take in the sights and sounds of life.


    1. I’m sure he tires of my abrupt starts and stops but he’s a really good sport. You are an inspiration my friend! Your writing style is always warm, well-stated, and thoughtful. You know just what to say in every situation. I admire that gift. I’m glad we’re pals!


  4. Well, I thought it was funny, am I being morbid? I have been taking pics of everything as well. I took a pic of a dead snake not to long ago and my granddaughter asked why and I said, ” it might come in handy later on” .


    1. Well if you’re morbid I am too. 🙂 I love your rationale for taking a pic of a dead snake! That’s always my excuse too! And without fail, those pics do come in handy when it’s story time.


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