On Contrasts



Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts Share a shot that captures a contrast.

I love this old brick building downtown. The contrast between the solid rough brick and the gently creeping ivy always makes me pause. Sometimes a copyright feels like too much of a distraction from the image, ever feel that way? This time I opted against it, but the pic is still my own.



22 replies to “On Contrasts

  1. This is the perfect picture for us to march into the July Fourth holiday week, sis. Red, White, Blue and green ivy! That’s a beautiful building. I want to steal this photo from you. But I won’t. 🙂


    1. That is so funny you said that because my last line read, “I’m looking at you Beels!” But I deleted it before publishing. Didn’t want any newbies thinking I was seriously accusing you of stealing. LOL! Xoxo


  2. Christmas colors! Yes, I agree that copyrights can jack up the shot. No one will steal. BTW, my hub has an aversion to red brick, as it reminds him of old Baptist churches LOL.

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    1. I feel the same about copyrights sometimes too Kerbey. Poor hub, Baptist church must have really left an impression if the sight of brick alone is too much for him. I’ll bet the backstory is a good one.


      1. Now that’s a ‘purist’ talking there! But you make a good point, especially if the photo is some seriously professional material.


      2. Now that’s the first time I’ve ever been accused of being a purist. And I’m taking it as a compliment. Thank you John! 😉


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