Apple Tree Syndrome

I don’t think this apple landed very far from the tree. But maybe it’s my mom goggles playing tricks on me?imageI think I was about the same age as Oliva here with my big brother so this is circa 78/79.  “That’s me!” said my daughter at first glance.


If you can look beyond her exasperation, “mom! Let’s GO!” I think the resemblance is there.

The top picture was brushed up with Photo Fixer as age and the elements have had their way with the image. Not perfect but cleaner than the original at least. Worth looking into if you have vintage photos you’d like to preserve.



13 replies to “Apple Tree Syndrome

  1. I won’t call you both Granny Smith apples, and I won’t tell you that your brother was Mario Lopez, but I will say that your apple’s hair is a grown-out version of your fly Dorothy Hamill.

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  2. You both look so much alike! Your mom knew exactly what kind of hairstyle to go with for you and I bet she loves that you agreed with her hair fashion so much you are working those bangs all grown up 🙂 Becoming a parent is no small miracle and seeing our past, present and future all wrapped into those growing bundles of joy is one that never ceases to amaze!


  3. Love that she looks so much like you did at a similar age. My daughter, at about three years old, looked just like my three year old self.


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