The Road Ahead

Just a quick hello today. I hope WP is booming with stories of long, safe, holiday adventures. I’m staring at an unusually busy week ahead that will likely interfere with my typical tawdry behavior around these parts so I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you dear friends even if I can’t check in and say hello as often as I’d like. So for now, enjoy the silence.

imageRock Garden, Land Park, July 2014



16 replies to “The Road Ahead

  1. But, I like your tawdry shenanigans!

    Seriously, I hope things go well for you this week and know that I’m thinking of you too. 🙂

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    1. Sweet pal, thanks so much! Thinking of you too. Hoping all is well with you on your end. We’re moving. Trying to squeeze about a decade into cardboard boxes. I’ll tell you more about it once the dust settles. I’ll catch up with you soon, Love! Until then, take good care!


      1. I thought that was this week! Hope it goes well and we will be here when you get settled again ((hugs))


    1. Dora, I imagine that your creativity and many interests keep you very busy. Also there’s those adorable grandchildren of yours too. Miss you amiga. We will connect again soon!


    1. I do believe there’s a dominant wiseass gene that runs rampant through the family tree, hermano. Miss you dear friend! I’ll catch up with you soon! Until then, take good care! xoxo


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