Drought Intolerant

Rain dance with me, won’t you?

I miss the time spent here with you. This creative space where we swap stories and pictures; where bits of our lives bleed through and mingle in the ether. I have every intention of returning. Life continues to be a precarious tight rope act but should be less so in the weeks ahead.


Warm wishes and hugs to Estela, Mark, Sheena, and Kerby who disrupted the silence to make sure I was still breathing. Love you!






14 replies to “Drought Intolerant

  1. Major ((hugs)) to you! I was thinking of you today, I saw a picture of a snake in a tophat (really!) and it reminded me of the rattlesnake sign 🙂

    Take care of yourself, PunkRockSis, and we will definitely be talking soon! ❤

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    1. Sweet PunkRockSis! A snake in a top hat?! I love it! My goal is to make the WP rounds today to catch up with my fav people. Starting with your place. I hope to hear all is well. Love, Sandra


  2. For a second, I heard Cece Peniston singing “Finally” because well, finally! Glad you are looking up at the sky. Hope that does not imply you are lying in the grass, exhausted from weeding, at rock bottom. But more like the scene in “Up” where they’re happy and laying on a picnic blanket, looking at the clouds. But not the next scene because that is a downer. But then the one after that–with the adventures! That’s a good one. Welcome back, Kotter.

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    1. Hey there Dear Kerbey! So great to see that smile. I’m attempting to get back into some healthy routines. I love this space mostly because I get to hang out with fun people like you. Looking forward to hearing what you’re not getting lately. 😉

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    1. Lovely CybeleMoon! Such a great name. Nice hearing word from you! Trying to get back into a regular posting schedule and reconnecting with pals like you. Thx for sticking with me!


  3. have been missing you and searching through my reader – it gets so full it can be hard to find the person you are looking for. Indeed life is a tightrope – keep tiptoeing along.

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  4. Well, well, well, Sandra. We need water from the sky to fall to fill your well. We need you to be feeling well. We need wellness routines in your life. Right now, well, I am happy to see mi hermanita posting such a beautiful photo, with a stunning new head shot, and a great attitude! Yay, yay, yay! Missed you oh so much.


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