The Death of a Mouse


His friends said he had a keen sense of smell, a distinction that helped satisfy his weakness for goldfish crackers. After gorging himself on several handfuls of the discarded snack he would often curl up for a nap on the plush floorboard of the white SUV as opposed to the open field behind the house. He was an urban rodent in that sense. Preferring the creature comforts and shelter that the compact vehicle afforded. The leather interior wasn’t bad either. Everything was just perfect. Until one day…


7 replies to “The Death of a Mouse

  1. They were probably the pizza flavored goldfish, and even though they say they are gluten-free, there are trace amounts which could cause fatigue in a mouse. And if the SUV is a Subaru Forester, he probably thinks he’s in a forest. So this totally makes sense.

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