Little Boots


My coffee date ordered a cake pop and smiled at the sunshine that tickled her boots.


17 replies to “Little Boots

    1. Dora, I sure miss you! I was given a beautiful apron as a gift. It’s gorgeous, bright, colorful fabric. Very feminine and mexicana. I’m pretending it’s one of your works of art. xoxo

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    1. Big squeezy virtual hug to you too sweet Kerbey. As I was telling Bialczak, I don’t have to suit up for the circus this monday morning so I’m making the rounds on WP trying to check in with my favorite peeps. Miss you dear. xoxo

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  1. Those boots are made for cake pop in’, and that’s just what they’ll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna cake pop all over you …..

    Count me in on the next cake pop date. Hot damn on the photo, sis.


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