A Little East Coast Swing


I found this aluminum trinket to liven up the kitchen. I wanted to share it with you with a thoughtful quote or lyric of some sort. So I searched for “heart quotes” and turned up lots of Barracuda, Crazy on You, What About Love references. Not exactly what I had in mind, although I do like Ann and Nancy Wilson just fine. But I digress.


I got more specific with my keywords, “quotes about the heart” I had to take a screen shot to share:

Processed with RookieYep, that’s Boyz II Men sandwiched logically between Dostoyevsky and Hawthorne. Of course I went with the obvious choice:

You just don’t understand how much I love you do you? I’m here for you.

-End of the Road, Boys II Men

Do you have a favorite 90’s hip hop song? Do you find creative inspiration from literature or music?


4 replies to “A Little East Coast Swing

  1. Pretty trinket. I often search for a quote and when I find something I like, it turns out to be someone more in the modern pop age than a learned scholarly type. Hey, if the quote fits, use it, right?


  2. Clearly they’ve made the big-time and are only Men, not Boyz anymore. Now they are Men II Coots. At least it’s not the end of the road…Nice heart, Sandra.


  3. Love your kitchen trinket style and taste in quotage, Sandra.

    I saw the Boyz on their reunion tour just a mile or two from the end of my road at the big daily. They still had it. I did Shawn’s a cappella judging on “The Sing-Off,” too, don’t you?

    Reading your quotes, old Fyodor got my brain stirring. Would I rather be a fool with a heart and no sense or a fool with sense and no heart? At times in my life I’ve been both but now I’m no fool at all … Let’s write a song with that line, sis. ❤ 🙂


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