On Being Four

IMG_20150401_080334This little lamb is 4

Fotor_143467800650762She likes to eat pink ice-cream and sing (loudly), Take Me Out to the Ball Game: “if they don’t win it’s for shame!” peaceBut don’t let all that pink fool you. She prefers her comfy play clothes.

Four is so much fun.



17 replies to “On Being Four

      1. You’re not the first I’ve heard that from this summer. I hope you get a tech out there today! A/C is one of the greatest inventions ever. And no, it’s not too early.


  1. Happy Four, Little Flower! You are more beautiful every year, big girl! You fit right in at the ballgame. I want to buy you some peanuts and CrackerJack! ❤

    Good to see you, sis Sandra! Happy Summer 2015. I miss you big time, beautiful. Thanks for these awesome photos of the growing darling. 🙂 Cheers. A toast from Syracuse.


    1. It’s my dear bro! Great to see you! Van Halen concert did not disappoint. Although I remain jealous of your VH story as mine doesn’t compare. Love to Syracuse, Hermano! xoxo


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