Coloring the Water

IMG_20171207_033543_856.jpgDipping a toe back into the wordpress waters. Missing my kindreds out there. Here’s a bit of mixed media that’s been preoccupying my down time. It’s my new therapy. Reminds me a bit of the macaroni art stage of life. The smell of Elmer’s, the taste of paste. Although these days I prefer the taste of coffee while I create, Kindergarten remains the best grade ever!

Square One by Tom Petty came on the radio this morning and the tears still sting my eyes before falling off my face. I’m sure he’s earned his wings by now and is a natural aviator. More on what he meant to me when I can find the words.

For now, just want you to know I’m thinking of you wordpress, Lovies! Wondering how you all are doing.

See you again soon!




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