Southern Accents

Southern Accents

Missing this man today. I need to tuck this song away in a sacred space, somewhere where I can find it and return to it as needed. Sharing it with you somehow feels like the right thing to do.

I heard Tom Petty talk about his mom once in a documentary. It was so obvious how much he loved her. I think this song is such a beautiful tribute. Although the content is so painfully intimate the universal theme is love.


13 replies to “Southern Accents

  1. What a great song! So delicate. I’m surprised by how much I miss him, too. It’s just another harsh reality that we all get old and break. But what a legacy he has! Thanks for sharing, Sandra.

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      1. Yes, it was a gift. I’m not lying when I say I listened to that a dozen times today. I’d never heard it! I downloaded it, so now I have it. See what influence you had on a lady halfway across the country from you?

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      1. A few… But the one that comes to mind is American Girl. Don’t Do me like that. I Need To Know. And the encore at the end of his first live album…can’t think of that one. What others are yours?

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      2. I love your choices too! Highway Companion is one of my favorite collections of songs. I think Square One is on that album. Another favorite is Wildflowers and Room at the Top, into the great wide open…it depends on the day really. He has such a deep catalog. Such a loss.

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